About Chilly Towel

What is a Chilly Towel?

Chilly Towel is an instant cooling towel that c
ools to 30° below average body temperature.

How does it work?

Simply activate your towel with water, wring it out and place over your body to cool it down.

Our unique hyper-evaporative fibre allows the material to trap in water and become cooler than ambient air when wet, which enables the towel to maintain a temperature that feels cool to the skin. The Chilly Towel stays dry to touch, meaning it will not saturate your clothes or linens.

Our founder Tara Lock tested over 30 different materials before perfecting the Chilly Towel we now all know and love!

Who needs Chilly Towel?

The Chilly Towel can assist people for various reasons related to overheating:

  • Fevers

  • Hot Flushes

  • Menopause

  • Medical Conditions

  • Bad Circulation

  • Sports and Heat Stress

  • Travel and Long Commutes
  • Hot Weather

  • Cancer Patients and Recover
  • Warm Working Conditions

    • Pain and Injuries
    • After Exercise and Time Spent Outdoors

    Why do we love our Chilly Towel?

    • Instantly Cools

    • Stays Chilled for Hours

    • Dry To Touch

    • Easy Activation: Simply Wet, Wring & Shake

    • Cools to 30° Below Average Body Temperature

    • Stays Fresh When Moist in Container

    • Unique Hyper-evaporative Fibre

    • Doesn't Saturate Clothing or Bed Sheets

    • Re-Usable & Machine Washable

    • Great for Heat Related Illnesses

    • Perfect for the Gym, Travel, Outdoors

    • Easy to use and store

    The NBCF

    Chilly Towel is proudly supporting The National Breast Cancer Foundation.
    For every pink towel sold, $2 is donated to the NBCF to fund their amazing research.

    How do I use and maintain my Chilly Towel?

    Follow the 3 easy steps here